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Brown Luxeover Waste Bin
  A waste bin is not necessarily meant to be ugly and repulsive. Gone are the days when ..
Dark Brown Luxeover Waste Bin
  Most people think of a waste as a simple receptacle to throw rubbish in. However, Luxe..
Orange Luxeover Waste Bin
  Whether it is a home or office, a waste bin is an integral part of such places. But do..
Deep Brown Luxeover Waste Bin
  This is an exceptionally designed dustbin with an antique wooden appearance. Beautiful..
Dark Green Luxeover Waste Bin
  Dark green color commonly symbolizes wealth and money, but this time, it is a receptac..
Red Luxeover Waste Bin
This Red Luxeover Waste Bin is a unique choice for those who want sophistication, elegance and cl..
Green Shagreen Waste Bin
Designer waste bins are gaining increasing popularity these days, mainly because more and more pe..
Red Shagreen Waste Bin
  Simple, elegant and sophisticated, this Red Shagreen Waste Bin is a beautiful dustbin ..
Orange Shagreen Waste Bin
  Waste bin is perhaps the most mundane objects we use in our home or office. You must b..
Dark Brown Shagreen Waste Bin
If you are an ocean -life lover and want to have a little touch in your house too, then this Dark..
Brown Shagreen Waste Bin
  This beautiful waste bin is a great addition to your home décor. With its modern look ..
Rustic Shagreen Waste Bin
  Are you a lover of old things? Do you admire natural beauty? If yes, then this Rustic ..
Luxeover Bookset Waste Bin
  Luxeover Bookset Waste Bin is a designer dustbin from Luxeover, a style that you would..
Wood Look Luxeover Waste Bin
  It is a leather waste bin, still it gives look of a hardwood basket. Covered with wood..