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When we talk about beauty, a vanity case proves to be a perfect addition in your must-haves list. The Red Set of 3 Vanity Cases is an ideal storage space for all your jewelry, makeup items, toiletries and hair accessories. You will be able to organize all your personal items with ease, without the need to search every time you need them. These vanity cases will also avoid damage to your valuable items, which may be much costlier to replace.

Good looks, combined with great functionality

If there is no ladies room nearby or if you are running late, then these vanity cases will come in handy. These are equipped with good sized mirrors, making them a great product for fashion related emergencies. Hand-made with good quality leather and red in color, these vanity cases available in three differing sizes can easily match with your makeup bag, pocketbook, purse or luggage. It will help you in personalizing, staying coordinated and making a fashion statement.

High quality and durability

Similar to how luggage is made, this highly functional accessory storage space is constructed to be extremely durable, long lasting and easily maintainable. Specifically designed to organized and safeguard several items in a small space, this set of vanity cases is easy to be assimilated into busy lifestyles of ladies. Making an ideal travel companion, these vanity cases for women are meant to be compact in size and easily carried on. If you want to have your fashion accessories and personal care items at handy all the time, then buy Red Set of 3 Vanity Cases here.

This Red Set of 3 Vanity Cases is a great accessory storage for women of all ages, and also makes a perfect gift item. The elegant and sophisticated look of these vanity cases is sure to fit any kind of personality.

product details
Product Code ACVC2012A0001
Color Red
Style Antique
Dimensions in Inch: Large 10.25" x 6.75" x 3.25"
Dimensions in Inch: Medium 9.25" x 6.25" x 2.75"
Dimensions in Inch: Small 8.25" x 5.75" x 2.5"
Weight in Grams: Large 1200 Grams
Weight in Grams: Medium 850 Grams
Weight in Grams: Small 700 Grams
Made Of Pure Leather
Product Care Hand clean with soft and dry cloth
Note* Merchandise are not included in the price.

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